The Significance of Video Marketing

The Significance of Video MarketingVideos are everywhere. From Facebook to Google, videos form a major chunk of the global IP traffic. The Internet is burdened with information, and people are looking for smarter ways to digest all that available data. In this age of information overload, videos seem to be the classic choice to help brands cut through the clutter.

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The Unprecedented Reach of Videos

The popularity of videos cannot be matched by any other source of digital marketing in San Antonio available today. Millions of videos are watched on YouTube every single day, and almost one fifth of internet users share videos through social networks regularly. The traffic generated through videos on mobile networks is also expected grow over three times in the next few years.

Videos Offer Better Customer Engagement

Consider some ad campaigns like the Evian Baby and Me or the Old Spice Man Responses. These videos took the Internet by storm and redefined the brand identity of these products. Quirky wit or emotional sagas, when featured in videos, can go viral, thus making brands overnight stars. This most certainly is a smarter way to get the brand message across than relying on conventional brochures and presentations.

Videos Boost SEO

The best part about videos is that they also support search engine marketing in San Antonio. Websites that publish videos allow direct sharing of the content, creating backlinks that are registered by search engines. Crafting the perfect videos and adding them to social media profiles is the best way to support a good link-building strategy.

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