Privacy Policy

At Online Business Owners, your privacy is of paramount importance to us. Here, we have listed our privacy policy that helps you better understand how we make an effort to protect and improve your company’s reputation and brand name. By this step by step SEO notice, we want you to learn our SEO project execution process, and let you know, the personal information that you have provided will be used only for our SEO services, and it will be safe forever. Wherever the client’s personally identifiable information is requested in, this notice applies.

Personal Data

In particular pages, you have to register, order your service package and request to start the process. For this, certain types of personal data are collected, they are,

  • Name of the user
  • Email address of the user
  • Other lists of data about your company that is appropriate to projects being serviced by online business owners.

This notice applies to all data that are collected about your company website.

How We Use Your Information?

This document tells you the usage statement of the data that you share with us.

The information you have shared at Online Business Owners related to your business will be safe and secure. It will be used exclusively for your brand building. Once your project is completed, we will remove your details from our database. We use return email addresses to answer the received emails, respond to your various queries and send you the reasonable report of the project, SEO service or any information related to the project. Also, you can be assured that we never share your information towards any purpose unrelated to issues described above.

Also, unless we didn’t get permission, our SEO service sales pages would not advertise your business information. Without the approval of the client, we won’t disclose anything that could be used to identify the clients.

Data Security Steps by Online Business Owners

We guarantee that we will safeguard and secure the information collected from you. Our professionals have put in place appropriate managerial, electronic and physical procedures to prevent any unauthorized access, properly use the information and ensure data maintenance.

Our Payment Transaction

We ensure complete confidentiality of the account information exchanged. All our payment transaction for the SEO services will be done through Paypal, and there will be no exchange of sensitive account related information.

Get Connected With Us for Our SEO Service

Start a new project and contact us or send an email to our support team to sign up for our SEO service. We will answer all your doubts about this privacy policy and give you the help you need.

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