I’m interested in your service. What should I do?

You can contact us through our contact page. Thank you for your interest.

I am in need of a website for my company. How can you help me?

First of all, we should know what type of website you need. If you are looking for a website to upgrade your business, there are 2 common structures: a webshop or an informational websites. Webshops or e-commerce websites are for those who want to showcase products and/or sell online. If your purpose is to have a website that talks about your company, displays all the latest news, has a gallery, has a contact page, and includes other pages to provide information, then what you need is an informational website. We can help you in setting up whichever structure you need with any specific additional functionality that you want. Just let us know.

I would like to try your services. How can we start?

To see the detailed steps, you can visit our “Our Process” page.

How about the payment?

You can pay in cash once we shake hands and have closed the deal. If you are far away from our city, you can send payment through PayPal, bank wire transfer, bank deposit, or other wire transfer mediums like Western Union.

Am I going to receive different mockups for a design project? How many?

Yes, we usually send three mockups to our client, since we want you to see possible ideas and the designs that we create through your project brief and our own creativity. Here, we offer you options to mix and match ideas among the mockups that we presented.

If I request a logo to be created, in what format will I receive the final design?

For your logo’s final design, we can send it in any of the following formats: PSD, AI, JPG (high resolution), and/or transparent PNG (high resolution).

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