Four Common Myths about Website Design

Internet Marketing in San Antonio – Myths about Website DesignA good website is the most critical investment in today’s digital world. Irrespective of the size and type of organization, websites act as the most powerful tool of educating consumers about a brand and its unique offerings. However, there still continues to be some common misconceptions about website designs that keep organizations away from reaping the best benefits. Let us discuss them further.

Myth 1: Animation determines the success of the website.

Fancy slideshows and unique animation effects may make a website look good, but there are other factors that must be focused on in order to brand the website as outstanding. Relevant content, easy navigation and optimal use of CTAs are some of these important parameters that must be duly acknowledged.

Myth 2: The website homepage is the most important part of the website.

This may be true for site hoppers but not for those genuine prospects who are truly looking for some crucial information. Also, Google search algorithms determine website ranks based on content from all pages of the website. In the case of e-commerce websites, landing pages and marketing pages form an important gateway to the website.

Myth 3: Social media not a mandate for every website.

Social media is an important component of internet marketing in San Antonio today and cannot be overlooked. With the increasing percentage of people engaging themselves with brands through social media, this provision becomes mandatory.

Myth 4: CTAs and other important information always go above the fold.

This myth stems from the fact that newspapers used this technique to allure passers easily. With websites being accessed across multiple devices today, no San Antonio web design company abides by the notion of folds.

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